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be ready wild you free

Salty hair. Sandy feet. And freedom as far as the eye can see.

For the new beach vibe on wheels

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Life is best when you’re just living it. Spontaneous, genuine, simple. Like the BEACHY: made for everyone who wants freedom on the go. Inspired by all the emotions you bring home with you from holidays just like driftwood, shells, sand and beach grass, and paired with cool social media stories posted by creative DIY geniuses, the whole Hobby team is all in when it comes to this vision of a new holiday companion. Our video fills you in on the backstory of the new beach vibe on wheels.

“Everyone should believe in something. I believe I should go to the beach.”

be free

The BEACHY is perfect for spontaneous adventures. Everything you need on the road is on board. Want to eat outdoors? The table instantly turns into an outdoor kitchen with an ocean view. With dinner cooking just a few metres away. Cuddle right up in bed or have one last chilled drink? Life can be so easy...

Make life cosy

beachy van 540

Easy, wild, flexible – beachy. The new camper van with a beach house vibe. Planned sales launch from summer 2022 onwards! 

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Curbside, countryside, seaside?
All you need is the beachy!


Want to learn more about the BEACHY? We have just what you need. Our FAQs have answers to your key questions. And give you some insider info about your new beach vibe on wheels.

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Like it was made just for you: the BEACHY is available in three different models. Which gives you the freedom to decide how much space your beach vibe needs. The biggest model comfortably sleeps up to four adults or families with two to three kids.

3 models: